SEO Service

For several years now, we have been successfully assisting many clients all over the world in consulting their online SEO visibility.
Our aim is to optimize the website as efficiently and with success as possible. To this end, we are using technologies that we have developed continuously since 2007. These are applicable for all CMS and shop systems. Basically there is no limit to the number of search terms, the number of domains and the languages. All of our self-developed SEO tools are based on Unicode and therefore speak all languages worldwide. We carry out many measures, we already have fixed various procedures automatically. We also have close cooperation with some hosting partners.

Why SEO?

SEO is an investment, as once established positions persist for a long time, that is for sure. Unlikely often, search engine optimization is mistakenly considered as a one-time project with short term. In special cases it is a project (with start and end date). A relaunch, for example, falls into this category, since only existing rankings are to be obtained. For this work, a fixed project period can be defined. Start at day x and finishing at day y. This is not the effortable way how SEO will work and show success.

SEO Strategy

The targeted optimization of different search terms, on the other hand, must be viewed as a process since a specific completion date can not be issued. Although experienced optimizers can estimate when the respective terms are among the top positions, the estimate is not always correct and 100% to the day correct. Search engine optimization should ideally be seen as a permanent improvement of one's own website in terms of user experience and not as a means of increasing the positions in the search results.
If you improve your site permanently, thank not only the users / customers, but also the search engine with better rankings. SEO is particularly suitable as a marketing tool when sales are already generated, since positioning under the relevant Top 5, often 6 months, takes 12 months or longer. Each based on the terms to be optimized. According to experience, new companies, which focus on SEO only in the medium term, air out before corresponding user numbers are reached for cost coverage.

Service is currently being used in all areas. This also applies to search engine optimization. Especially in this area is our SEO service so much more important, since the websites always kept up to date and must be re-optimized after checks. For this, various service packages are available, which we have packed for you according to your requirements. These packages are individually tailored to your website. Our packages include not only complete solutions, but also individual, tailor-made SEO solutions as well as workshops and campaigns.


"We trust our SEO to exclusively. We had a prior campaign deliver lukewarm results, but when Michael and his team took over, we achieved superior rankings that increased the traffic. Our national brand, overhead garage storage racks, benefits greatly from the continued efforts of We recommend them highly."

John Frankmeyer CTO

"I don’t write too many recomendations, but I’m very glad to write this one. Michael has been helping me build and write code for one of my websites. He’s easy to work with and he knows his stuff! That he understands the subtleties of creating web pages with HTML and CSS is impressive, but his real skill is building search engine optimization into the foundation of a website. I can say confidently that he has created metatags for my pages that very few programmers would even think of, or that very few SEO experts would know how to accomplish…."

Jessica Priston Managing Director

" rocks! Michael, you have blown my mind with your SEO knowledge and implementation skills. Last week, I wasn’t able to find our website on the internet. After a few ‘waves of your magic wand’, we are in first position on Google? How you did it, I will never comprehend. Great work & I would recommend your service, expertise and professionalism to all of my business associates! Thank you for the great work."

Brad Groshley Managing Partner

"We use to optimize our website. A few weeks after went to work, our Google rankings rose considerably, and we currently enjoy a Number 1 ranking in Google, a highly competitive term–and a good place to be!"

Alan Smith VP Sales